Monday, May 30, 2005

Being from Manchester, it's safe to say i know who Oasis are. I've followed them nearly all my life, i've grown up with the Gallagher brothers and today sees the release of their sixth album. From what i've heard so's pretty different, bar from Lyla and A Bell Will Ring which are typical hard rocky Oasis.

I've not actually bought the album, having no money...but my brother will be buying it at the weekend so i'll be able to have a proper listen then. I'll also be going to see a concert at the Manchester city stadium in July which i'm looking forward to immensly, i've only ever seen them once and that was amazing being the first time i'd seen them an all, but i heard from other more avid oasis concert goers that it wasn't their best performance and my friend Stu recently went to an Oasis concert in London and told me they're on top form. So i'm really looking forward to July. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Ah jesus, i'm sorry i've not been updating as much latley, just i've been drawing a bit too much and because of that i tend to stay up late and wake up late =\, mm it doesn't really matter anyway...i think Katy's my actual only "viewer" =P I'll try update soon, with drawings! Posted by Hello

Friday, May 27, 2005

So woo!! I saw Star Wars, all though it was like 2 days ago now i'm still totally hyped, i can't wait to buy it when it comes out. Seriously it was awesome, so so awesome. I'd go as far as to say i think it was perfect, it was the best of the new trilogy and in the same league as the old. If you haven't seen it yet, i urge you to you won't be dissapointed.

Seeing Star Wars everywhere latley, and then to go see it in the cinema, i now have the biggest urge to start playing Jedi Outcast which is an EXCELLENT game. I used to play Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 on multiplayer some years ago, and Jedi Outcast is just as good as that if not better with the revamped graphics and the different saber stances...ah, saber stances, there's a certain move in Jedi Outcast called "Death From Above" and i saw someone do it in Episode 2! Also in Episode 3, Anakin takes on a certain stance sometimes that just reminds me of the game...ah anyway i'll stop rambling now, i'll update with a new drawing soon! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

this is an update of the Liv Tyler picture i'm doing. I think it still needs work, the chin and jaw area don't look right to me at the moment...i'll keep at it until i get scared again =(.

ALSO on a totally unrelated note, SHOULD BE SEEING REVENGE OF THE SITH TOMORROW WOO!!! Posted by Hello

Monday, May 23, 2005

ok, i'm a little stuck. I've updated my picture of Doctor Who slightly, changed the eyes, the mouth the ear...where i go from here is obvious, i keep adding detail right?

It seems i'm afraid to keep going, it's more complicated then it should be, i feel like my fear of fucking up totally is stopping me from continuing on with this for now, i'm going to leave it like this until i feel like i can continue again.

Also at the moment i'm attempting to draw Liv Tyler, she's still in the early stages and still in my sketch book, so this scan i'm showing you isn't of the most amazing quality
. (if this is too small to see, right click on it and select "view image") Posted by Hello

Saturday, May 21, 2005

A drawing of The Doctor i'm working on, it's not finished yet, i want to add more shading and eventually colour it in photoshop. I'm using a reference for this from a picture from the bbc Doctor Who site. I don't know if i'm happy with this or not so far, i might get rid of a few details, the right eye for one is waaay smaller than the left. Hmm..i'll update when i've done a bit more  Posted by Hello

Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm having a bit of trouble. Lack of motivation, laziness..whatever you want to call it, i just can't seem to bring pencil to paper.

For a while now i've been saying "i'm gonna get into drawing again, and i'm gonna start and i'll not stop this time, oh no." And right now i've sharpened a pencil, opened my sketch book and that's it. I've got no further. See i'm not happy, i'm not happy with my drawing ability, i'm not as good as i ultimatley want to be and i don't want to wait until i get that good, i want it now. I don't want to what i see as "waste my time" doing all that practicing thing, i like art, i like drawing. So why don't i just naturally have the ability, why?

I'm envious of people who just seem to be able to draw like that "oh you see that picture of Orlando Bloom? I can draw that and it'll look exactly the same as the photo" well good for you, you showoff. I want to do that, i SHOULD be able to do that...i know "practice makes perfect" but it shouldn't, if i'm so passionate about it i should already have the ability. Posted by Hello

Not being able to see Revenge Of The Sith until next Wednesday, i've decided to download the whole "Clone Wars" series, i was told that the clone wars take place between episode 2 and 3 so this should entertain me for the time being. I wish i could buy them, i really do...i don't like downloading things, it makes me feel guilty. But anywho LOOK AT HOW CUTE YODA IS! Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Today is the day. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

So, tomorrow see's the return of the Dark Lord of The Sith. Or does it? I was wondering if the voice of Darth Vader IS still going to be done by James Earl Jones? I don't see any reason why it shouldn't, i'm just curious if it is or not. But anyway, i won't be able to see the new movie for another week =( and it'll kill me to hear everyone going "OMFG IT WAS AMAZING!" before i've seen it, it might make me expect too much, and i don't want to do that just in case it isn't as good as the older three. Because i know The Phantom Menace was appalling, and Attack Of The Clones was good...just it didn't have the same feel of the older ones, i'm not saying the new movie is going to dissapoint me but if people keep telling me it's amazing and then i don't feel that, then unfortunatley i'm destined to be a little dissapointed.

I'm sure it'll be awesome, though Posted by Hello

Ah, Kylie Minogue, i can't say i really know the names of even half of her songs but whenever i hear one of them i can sing along. I like her music, every single song i hear of her's i like it, i guess i'm a fan and i would love to hear EVERYTHING.

She's a lovely girl, and i was very sad to hear yesterday that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. I genuinely hope she'll be ok, and i hope the Doc's can get to it before it gets majorly serious. Get well soon Kylie.  Posted by Hello

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Keeping on with the Indiana Jones thing, i discovered online that people make replica Grail Diaries (the diary Henry Jones jotted down all his findings in). I myself suddenly had a big urge to make one, and i've often thought about buying a leather cased Journal anyway. I found every picture that is in Dr.Jones' Diary and when i have a bit of cash, i'll probably make attempts at creating a replica. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005

Yesterday, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade was on TV. Now...this is probably my best Indiana Jones film of the three, and one of the main reasons is because of Indiana's relationship with his father (played by Sean Connery). There's a bit in the film where Indiana falls off the side of a cliff whilst riding on the back of a tank with the Nazi enemy, Henry Jones(Indy's father) doesn't know that Indy survived the crash, and looks over the edge in horror as the tank explodes. What follows for me is such a powerful expression of emotion from Henry as he realises that his relationship with his son wasn't all that he wish it was, that he wishes he had expressed his true feelings for him...the words "Oh, god. I've lost him" bring a tear to my eye every time, and when Indy climbs back over the cliff edge and is standing behind Henry looking over with him, i just can't wait to see the joy in Henry's face when he realises Indiana is still alive, as he hugs him and says "I thought i'd lost you, boy" that tear rolls down my cheek. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 15, 2005

On Saturday as usual i watched Doctor Who. If you haven't been watching the new series you really must. This weeks episode was probably the best of the new series for me, it involved Rose and The Doctor going back in time to see Rose's Dad just as he was about to die, the first time round Rose couldn't go to aid her father as he was dying after being run over, the second time round...well, i don't really want to ruin anything for those of you who haven't seen the episode