Friday, May 20, 2005

I'm having a bit of trouble. Lack of motivation, laziness..whatever you want to call it, i just can't seem to bring pencil to paper.

For a while now i've been saying "i'm gonna get into drawing again, and i'm gonna start and i'll not stop this time, oh no." And right now i've sharpened a pencil, opened my sketch book and that's it. I've got no further. See i'm not happy, i'm not happy with my drawing ability, i'm not as good as i ultimatley want to be and i don't want to wait until i get that good, i want it now. I don't want to what i see as "waste my time" doing all that practicing thing, i like art, i like drawing. So why don't i just naturally have the ability, why?

I'm envious of people who just seem to be able to draw like that "oh you see that picture of Orlando Bloom? I can draw that and it'll look exactly the same as the photo" well good for you, you showoff. I want to do that, i SHOULD be able to do that...i know "practice makes perfect" but it shouldn't, if i'm so passionate about it i should already have the ability. Posted by Hello


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