Friday, May 27, 2005

So woo!! I saw Star Wars, all though it was like 2 days ago now i'm still totally hyped, i can't wait to buy it when it comes out. Seriously it was awesome, so so awesome. I'd go as far as to say i think it was perfect, it was the best of the new trilogy and in the same league as the old. If you haven't seen it yet, i urge you to you won't be dissapointed.

Seeing Star Wars everywhere latley, and then to go see it in the cinema, i now have the biggest urge to start playing Jedi Outcast which is an EXCELLENT game. I used to play Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2 on multiplayer some years ago, and Jedi Outcast is just as good as that if not better with the revamped graphics and the different saber stances...ah, saber stances, there's a certain move in Jedi Outcast called "Death From Above" and i saw someone do it in Episode 2! Also in Episode 3, Anakin takes on a certain stance sometimes that just reminds me of the game...ah anyway i'll stop rambling now, i'll update with a new drawing soon! Posted by Hello


Blogger katy said...

that doesn't look like the filmworks tickets i remember getting... so you went to the odeon?

anyway, good to hear you liked it after all that waiting!

8:25 pm  
Blogger Kilgannon said...

No, no, that's totally filmworks =O I noticed a change in the ticket too...kind of odd that, maybe it was a special Star Wars ticket, You know, like Charlie And The Chocolate Factory there's a golden ticket =P

3:18 am  
Blogger katy said...

alright. they changed the ticket for that one film? or have all the tickets changed? i haven't been to manchester for like, oh goodness 2 years now (will be going back again around christmas though!!).

2:25 pm  
Blogger Kilgannon said...

You'll have to come visit me! I think they've just changed the tickets, i was being silly with for that one film remark =P

3:43 pm  
Blogger katy said...

don't know how long we'll be able to stay in manc (will be visiting ryan's parents in derby for most of whatever stay we have in england) but we will definatly be getting a meal at Pizza Co, perhaps you could join us. if you haven't been to pizza co on oxford road then do, it's the best pizza on the planet.

12:42 am  
Blogger Kilgannon said...

You know, speaking of Pizza before we went to see Star Wars we decided to go to Pizza Hutt...but we had to wait, we were waiting half an hour and there were two people sitting at a table with four chairs and they were just speaking, for half an hour. They knew we were waiting, too. Had to resort to Subway in the end.

Hmm, it sounds like a nice idea to go along with you guys, but i don't know anybody and i'd feel totally out of place. Ah well though

12:44 am  
Blogger katy said...

pizza hut, smitza putt

1:43 am  
Blogger plagiarise said...

it is the filmworks. i recognise the typeface. out of interest which subway do you go to? we always used to go to the one just by piccadilly square trainstation when we were going to the Filmworks. it's okay that you're a star wars fan... but really... Jedi Outcast? forgive me for turning my nose up at that one :) that was the last Star Wars game i bought, and the last one I'll ever buy. Giving me my lightsaber after hours of crap, and then throwing me straight into a level full of snipers. Oh, and it being useless against sniper shots until it's upgraded. Thanks lucasarts! hows about making it fun next time.

katy's husband by the way. Read my blog. it's alternative. well i plan for it to be.

6:18 pm  
Blogger Kilgannon said...

Haha, i admit Jedi Outcast was quite terrible sing player, but playing multiplayer just brought back memories of Dark Forces 2 for me, maybe because i played with the same friends though. But speaking of Lucasarts titles, have you played Knights Of The Old Republic? I've just completed it and it was seriously amazing, it's an RPG i highly reccomend it.

As for the subway, i think it was the one round the corner from St.Anns Square, kinda...still on the same road as coporation street? If you get what i'm trying to say, i'm terrible with directions and rods.

7:01 pm  
Blogger Kilgannon said...


7:01 pm  
Blogger Kurt Schroeder said...

Currently I am playing Jedi Academy, which is awesome and very addictive. Much better gameplay than Outcast, but the levels in Outcast are better.

6:45 pm  
Blogger Kilgannon said...

i never played Academy, everyone i asked about it said it was crap! I never actually gave it a go, though

6:56 pm  

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