Monday, May 16, 2005

Yesterday, Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade was on TV. Now...this is probably my best Indiana Jones film of the three, and one of the main reasons is because of Indiana's relationship with his father (played by Sean Connery). There's a bit in the film where Indiana falls off the side of a cliff whilst riding on the back of a tank with the Nazi enemy, Henry Jones(Indy's father) doesn't know that Indy survived the crash, and looks over the edge in horror as the tank explodes. What follows for me is such a powerful expression of emotion from Henry as he realises that his relationship with his son wasn't all that he wish it was, that he wishes he had expressed his true feelings for him...the words "Oh, god. I've lost him" bring a tear to my eye every time, and when Indy climbs back over the cliff edge and is standing behind Henry looking over with him, i just can't wait to see the joy in Henry's face when he realises Indiana is still alive, as he hugs him and says "I thought i'd lost you, boy" that tear rolls down my cheek. Posted by Hello


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