Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Oh jesus, i know i've not updated in so long, i've been real busy. I should have a job soon!! Had an interview the other week and it's all being sorted out now, i'll be somewhat of an IT Consultant, starting off on the phones and working my way up, i'm hoping to become an engineer but i can't actually drive yet so i think i'd pretty mcuh fail in attempts to getting to peoples houses.

In other news DOCTOR WHO'S OVER! :( :(:( how crap, Saturday's aren't the same at all. I miss Billie, i miss Chris, even if he did regenerate into David at the last episode. I can't wait for it to come back, and Tennant is a very good actor from what i seen of him in Cassanova, so i'm sure he'll be fine as The Doctor, not as good as Christopher i predict but still very good.
Also in other news, i get to see Oasis on Thursday! Woo! That should be awesome. Anyway i'll be off now, i'll start getting back to my updating daily routine shortly. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 03, 2005

Ok! Well i'm back from a while of not updating. I know i said i'd update with drawings but...ok, i'm a liar :( but jesus...these past few days my computer has been terrible and i formatted today and re-installed everything but my sound was gone and my display settings for my monitor have also gone, that includes the knowledge of my graphics card for some reason and that also means that everything i'm viewing is really slow and laggy. This is terrible and i hope i get it fixed soon and i WILL update as soon as it gets fixed.

In other news my Mum and Dad have gone away until Tuesday and i'm alone in the house until then, with an oven i'm not entirely sure how to use properly...god, i hate being male. Posted by Hello