Thursday, July 21, 2005

My sister rang me yesterday and told me one of the office juniors where she works has walked out(she works in some kind of solicitors company, i'm not sure, i'm a crap brother.) And she asked me if i would be interested and told me what the job would involve.
I'd pretty much be an errand boy, and have to answer phones every once in a while and i don't mind really, it's experience working in an office environment anyway, she said she'll ring me within the next few days to give me an update. Apparently someone else is going in for the job too, but they "aren't sure" whether they want it or not? I don't get that. If they're not sure why are they even going in for it in the first place?
Anywho, i hope i do ok in the interview because it would be pretty handy working in a place with someone i knew, especially it being my sister. I'll update with any news on this soon.

In other news, i went to the bakery today and asked for one small brown sliced loaf and one big brown sliced loaf.I watched her slice them, as i was paying for them i was ten pence short and i thought Dad hadn't give me enough money or something, i didn't take note of the sizes of the bread. I get home and Mum tells me they're white and both are big. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!


Blogger urban-warren said...

Gregg's eh? I love Greggs hot sausage rolls, almost as much as i used to love frijj =(

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