Sunday, January 29, 2006

Didn't your mother ever tell you to wear clean underwear in case you were run over?

What kind of clothes would you happily die in and live forever in in the afterlife?

Monday, January 23, 2006

Waste not, want not.

I want to be somebody but yet not be famous. I want to travel the world and experience different arts and cultures. I want to be an Artist and open a public gallery of my work. I want to be a professional photographer and work in photojournalism. I want to learn the guitar and be in a band. I want to sing. I want to read more than i do now, but read things i'm interested in but have never got round to reading about, like Quantum Mechanics. I want to fall madly in love with a girl who's in love with me. I want to make short films which make no sense yet i find amusing. I want to create my own Art portfolio website, and could do, i just haven't. I want to improve my drawing, and am currently getting better. I want to hear more artists like Bjork, Joanna Newsom and Isabeau Novak, getting the sense that they're their own person and just aren't copying somebody else. I want to write a book. I want to time travel in a Delorean, or a TARDIS. I want to be a philosopher and a scientist. I want to be an inventor.I want more money and a job where i feel i can express my creativity. I want a Nintendo Revolution.

Many ambitions, and i'm only 19. Which ones do you think will happen?

What do you want?