Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bloggin' whilst my mind is foggin'


I'm not entirely sober right now, but i'm going to tell you of a little dream i had, i mean i have no idea what exactly it means but maybe you do because you read "Dream Interpretation" books, but maybe you don't, either way, here i go.

So i'm a big fan of Battlestar Galactica and have been trying to find episodes of Season 4 online. But anyway, i fell into a dream one drunken night (yesterday.) And came upon a train station, within this station there were giant TV's and lots of people rushing everywhere, i could hear something on the giant TV in the background of...i'm not entirely sure what, if i suggested something it'd be the biggest guess ever, but it seemed like a man had set fire to himself or something. But anyway, there was a man close by to me who was quite tall, he was watching this news and shouted "WHAT THE FRACK IS HE DOING?!?!?!!?!!" to which i said "i'm glad you said frack, because it means you're a Battlestar Galactica fan." Because of this he seemed quite happy and told me to come and meet his friend, his friend just happened to be some kind of manager for a wrestling company and was currently hosting an event which consisted of 50 or so wrestlers waiting to duke it out in a big ring in the middle of the station. I got close to the ring and there were two wrestlers already battling it out, there was a small speedy little guy and a big, grufty, beefy guy. The beefy guy tried to run in the ring but got stuck on the ropes making him spin a few times and because of this the small speedy guy won by was probably the best wrestling match ever. Anywho big tall BSG fan beckoned his friend over, who proceeded to punch me in the stomach at least 42 times within 2 seconds, it hurt like shit, but i didn't show him this. He claimed i had amazing resilience but i'd be a crap wrestler. Afterwards he began to quiz me on Battlestar Galactica, the quiz actually had no relevance to the show whatsoever other than the characters he mentioned having the same names

Friday, April 18, 2008


Like my previous post, i'm all for promoting add-ons and plugins to various things and here's another one for you that personally i use every single day.

StumbleUpon ( is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to select categories of interest for different kinds of website's and information you're particularly keen on. Say you're into Arts or Graphic Design, just tell that to stumbleupon and it will search for pages in the category for you, press the little "Stumble!" button and off it goes to a random website of your interest.

It's pretty cool, you can choose whether you like the site you've been sent to or if you dislike, with the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. StumbleUpon then remembers what you like and dislike and learns from your choices to bring you more fresh content. As i said i use it everyday and i can just sit back and keep pressing that stumble button until something takes my fancy. Give it a go!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


If you're into music, which i'm sure at least some of you are (what...musical creativity isn't THAT mainstream, pshaw!) then get your arses over to a little site called

iLike attaches itself to your iTunes main window and looks through your iTunes library like a puppy searching for it's favourite bone, it then allows you to meet new friends based on your music tastes! It also recommends new music for you based on your current selected favourite artists. When using this little gizmo it shows the rest of the community what you're currently listening to and what's in your playlist, it's a pretty nifty site and i've been using it for quite some time, at first i was all "Oh god this is cool!" but now that's worn off a little and i barely notice it when i'm listening to my music, now, but it's still pretty cool. I'm sure it has some "Facebook" or "Myspace" thing that you can add it to aswell, which all you social networking sluts may be interested in! (i'm totally not one of you guys and i never will be! hahahahahahahahahahaha...)

Anyway, yeah, check it. PhotograLee

Post Script : I'm kidding, you're not sluts at all, but STOP ASKING ME TO JOIN YOU!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Triad Of Awesome (This Story MUST be told)

A long while ago, now, a good friend of mine, Phil and i were heading out to a musical performance starring Kerry's(woah, i mentioned you again) sister, Jessica. Before we left work, Phil decided he'd go grab us some food from the local KFC, when he came back he handed me a family sized bucket, obviously being a lot of chicken and two of us the logical assumption of course is that this is a bucket you're sharing, you don't even think about it, you just naturally know you're sharing a bucket of such mammoth size. In this case my natural instinct was wrong, he'd bought this entire bucket for me. I asked him "are you not having any?" "No, i've had a sandwich, help yourself" he says...i think "alright, i'll give it a damn good go, because he has bought this for me and i don't want to upset him." So as i was chomping away merrily, heading to the tram stop, i suddenly realised i had almost eaten the entire bucket, only 2 pieces remained, i asked him again, politely he says "no, i insist, they're all yours." So again i'm thinking "alright...if you say so." As we get a seat on the tram i suddenly become increasingly more aware that this KFC bucket is getting smaller in content and that everyone's probably looking straight at me. So i say to Phil "you know, everyone's probably just looking at me thinking, 'look at that fat bastard, he's like a chicken boy or something' " to this Phil just bursts into laughter, he finds that comment forever hilarious and decides Chicken Boy is now my new nickname.

A few weeks pass, he calls me Chicken Boy, me, him and Kerry form a little Triad because we decided we're all friggin' awesome in each others company. We head out to a little restaraunt called Chiquito's, it's like a Mexican bar and grill type place and we get a booth seat. Our waitress heads on over and stops suddenly in between our order, "I'm sorry..." she says "but...don't i know you from somewhere? Aren't you called...Chicken Boy, or something?" To which, again, Phil bursts into laughter and forever finds this hilarious, although due to his hysterical state he says to the girl "oh-oh, i may have looked at you once!!" which really isn't the best thing to say, is it? (apparently she was sat behind us on the tram during the creation of my fat self.) After she heads off, i, being very drunk from the pub we previously visited before heading to the restaraunt, loudly mumble "wow, i fancy her even more, now!" but at that exact moment she actually came my surprise, though, she thought Phil had said this and says to him "woah, restraining order for you :O!!" which Phil is still horrified about to this day. We still head to Chiquito's now and again and the girl (Chiquitette) is still around, i particular like when she welcomes us and says "hi Chicken Boy! :D".

Also, due to the awesomeness that is the TOA (Triad Of Awesome) i've decided to chronicle our epic adventures in doodle form! All your favourite characters in easy to see black and white, from Chicken Boy, Philly-Bob (his middle name is Robert, he hates that) and THE RAGE! (Kerry, who's actually called The Rage because she's very lovely.) I'll be posting these on this page whenever i so desire, so there!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The only reason i'm off work right now is because i'm totally ill, i've had some mad crazy flu for four days now, but i'm actually getting a bit better. I can probably go back in tomorrow.

My friend Kerry and I are currently drawing some concepts for a story that's being published in our work's magazine at the end of the month, our friend John wrote the story and it's about a Detective named Sextine Purpleman, i'll show you a little doodle i'm working on at the mo'.

There he goes, yo. Anyway he's not that great, but i've been wanting to edit him in Photoshop, make him all black and white film noir style, only recently my photoshop keeps unexpectedly quitting - it actually says that "Photoshop unexpectedly quit" it can't be that unexpected if it happens EVERY time, ya bastard. So i'm a little peeved right now, but anywho, i'll keep you updated on any goings on with the magazine and any new doodles or concepts i decide to draw.


Long Time No See

Hey, all.

I haven't been on here for 2 whole years, how about that? Not that any of you are still looking on my page and if you are you're all very sad, boring people who live extremely uneventful lives. But if you do still look on every now and again to see if i've arised from the grave, then i'm flattered (i know you don't. I'm just totally tootin' me old horn.)

So anyway the last time i posted i wasn't employed (but i was also 19 so you can't say shit), now i'm reposting i don't WANT to be employed, or at least i don't want to be employed here, where i am now, there's big shit goin' down, yo. The last time i posted here i was going to update with a huge talk on Time Travel shows and film, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Back To The Future, etc. And it was all saved on my old PC using a program that was built into Firefox which made blogging quite easy when i needed to. I've forgotten the name of that program but if anyone knows of which i speak then give me a tinkle and i'll try find that old post.

I can't promise anything, but i might start updating on this thing again...

Ciao for now.