Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bloggin' whilst my mind is foggin'


I'm not entirely sober right now, but i'm going to tell you of a little dream i had, i mean i have no idea what exactly it means but maybe you do because you read "Dream Interpretation" books, but maybe you don't, either way, here i go.

So i'm a big fan of Battlestar Galactica and have been trying to find episodes of Season 4 online. But anyway, i fell into a dream one drunken night (yesterday.) And came upon a train station, within this station there were giant TV's and lots of people rushing everywhere, i could hear something on the giant TV in the background of...i'm not entirely sure what, if i suggested something it'd be the biggest guess ever, but it seemed like a man had set fire to himself or something. But anyway, there was a man close by to me who was quite tall, he was watching this news and shouted "WHAT THE FRACK IS HE DOING?!?!?!!?!!" to which i said "i'm glad you said frack, because it means you're a Battlestar Galactica fan." Because of this he seemed quite happy and told me to come and meet his friend, his friend just happened to be some kind of manager for a wrestling company and was currently hosting an event which consisted of 50 or so wrestlers waiting to duke it out in a big ring in the middle of the station. I got close to the ring and there were two wrestlers already battling it out, there was a small speedy little guy and a big, grufty, beefy guy. The beefy guy tried to run in the ring but got stuck on the ropes making him spin a few times and because of this the small speedy guy won by was probably the best wrestling match ever. Anywho big tall BSG fan beckoned his friend over, who proceeded to punch me in the stomach at least 42 times within 2 seconds, it hurt like shit, but i didn't show him this. He claimed i had amazing resilience but i'd be a crap wrestler. Afterwards he began to quiz me on Battlestar Galactica, the quiz actually had no relevance to the show whatsoever other than the characters he mentioned having the same names


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