Thursday, April 17, 2008


If you're into music, which i'm sure at least some of you are (what...musical creativity isn't THAT mainstream, pshaw!) then get your arses over to a little site called

iLike attaches itself to your iTunes main window and looks through your iTunes library like a puppy searching for it's favourite bone, it then allows you to meet new friends based on your music tastes! It also recommends new music for you based on your current selected favourite artists. When using this little gizmo it shows the rest of the community what you're currently listening to and what's in your playlist, it's a pretty nifty site and i've been using it for quite some time, at first i was all "Oh god this is cool!" but now that's worn off a little and i barely notice it when i'm listening to my music, now, but it's still pretty cool. I'm sure it has some "Facebook" or "Myspace" thing that you can add it to aswell, which all you social networking sluts may be interested in! (i'm totally not one of you guys and i never will be! hahahahahahahahahahaha...)

Anyway, yeah, check it. PhotograLee

Post Script : I'm kidding, you're not sluts at all, but STOP ASKING ME TO JOIN YOU!


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