Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long Time No See

Hey, all.

I haven't been on here for 2 whole years, how about that? Not that any of you are still looking on my page and if you are you're all very sad, boring people who live extremely uneventful lives. But if you do still look on every now and again to see if i've arised from the grave, then i'm flattered (i know you don't. I'm just totally tootin' me old horn.)

So anyway the last time i posted i wasn't employed (but i was also 19 so you can't say shit), now i'm reposting i don't WANT to be employed, or at least i don't want to be employed here, where i am now, there's big shit goin' down, yo. The last time i posted here i was going to update with a huge talk on Time Travel shows and film, Quantum Leap, Doctor Who, Back To The Future, etc. And it was all saved on my old PC using a program that was built into Firefox which made blogging quite easy when i needed to. I've forgotten the name of that program but if anyone knows of which i speak then give me a tinkle and i'll try find that old post.

I can't promise anything, but i might start updating on this thing again...

Ciao for now.


Blogger katy said...

we didn't stop speaking, you just stopped posting... all of a sudden, there was nothing to speak about.

how can you not *LOVE* Catherine after The Fires of Pompeii? she was stunning.

anyway, Billi will be back for a few episodes this season. so will sarah jane and capt'n jack ^_^

47 years is a long time. don't let it happen again >_<

2:24 am  
Blogger Kilgannon said...

You see that was an awesome episode and i do think she played the "oh god please save at least someone" bit really well...but imagine Billie doing that, it'd be so much better with her. Why does she have to be in an alternate reality?:( Why did she disappear in the first episode?!?! *spooky hand wiggle*

Also i'm sorry, next time i'll try stick to 45 years

2:31 am  

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