Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The only reason i'm off work right now is because i'm totally ill, i've had some mad crazy flu for four days now, but i'm actually getting a bit better. I can probably go back in tomorrow.

My friend Kerry and I are currently drawing some concepts for a story that's being published in our work's magazine at the end of the month, our friend John wrote the story and it's about a Detective named Sextine Purpleman, i'll show you a little doodle i'm working on at the mo'.

There he goes, yo. Anyway he's not that great, but i've been wanting to edit him in Photoshop, make him all black and white film noir style, only recently my photoshop keeps unexpectedly quitting - it actually says that "Photoshop unexpectedly quit" it can't be that unexpected if it happens EVERY time, ya bastard. So i'm a little peeved right now, but anywho, i'll keep you updated on any goings on with the magazine and any new doodles or concepts i decide to draw.



Blogger Kay Jay said...

HAY LEE!!! You totally mentioned me in your blog! Yay!

12:56 pm  
Blogger Kilgannon said...


God we're awesome, which totally will be the subject of my next post :O

3:25 pm  

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