Friday, April 18, 2008


Like my previous post, i'm all for promoting add-ons and plugins to various things and here's another one for you that personally i use every single day.

StumbleUpon ( is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox that allows you to select categories of interest for different kinds of website's and information you're particularly keen on. Say you're into Arts or Graphic Design, just tell that to stumbleupon and it will search for pages in the category for you, press the little "Stumble!" button and off it goes to a random website of your interest.

It's pretty cool, you can choose whether you like the site you've been sent to or if you dislike, with the thumbs up and thumbs down buttons. StumbleUpon then remembers what you like and dislike and learns from your choices to bring you more fresh content. As i said i use it everyday and i can just sit back and keep pressing that stumble button until something takes my fancy. Give it a go!


Blogger katy said...

fancy that monkey news!! check our karl via ricky here....

you will laugh ^_^

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