Monday, May 12, 2008

Mac OS X Leopard

Firstly, the majority of the post won't actually be about OS X (oh i love you so much baby...what's that? You love me too? Oh you *blush*) but it'll actually just be a quick update me wise, not that any of you are interested and not that this is a bloody diary, but there you go.

So anyway, work is shite. Looking back on previous posts i've made to this blog i can't believe how naive i was and i took my old job for granted, yeah it was bullcrap but there was hardly any crazy office politics going on like we have at this place now, it's madness. I went into this job about a year ago now feeling really upbeat and ready for anything, i surprisingly became extremely interested in it quickly. And for a while all was good. We got a new boss a while back and again, you know, slightly different, but...all was good. Until lots of shit happened one day OUT SIDE of work that somehow began to affect the working environment for me, i can't go into much detail in case anyone's looking in on this BUT HOLY SHIT IF SOMEONE CRIES TO THE MANAGER ABOUT SHIT GOING ON OUTSIDE OF WORK IT HAS FUCK ALL TO DO WITH THE JOB YOU'RE DOING NOW, SO WHY THEN DOES THE MANAGER SEARCH YOUR COMPUTER WITHOUT PERMISSION FOR EVIDENCE OF THINGS AGAINST YOU. Not that there was any evidence anyway, but fuck...after that it all went down hill for me, then to top it off the manager then becomes best friends with the person that caused all this shit. Ever since then i've really had zero motivation to do the work and i mean it's not just me that isn't happy with things going on there, but i'm really just about ready to pack my bags and leave. Anyone reading this who have job vacancies're not gonna hire me at all, cos' i sound like a cock, but you know, i'll hand you a CV anyway.

Awesome news recently, though, my sister gave birth to a little baby girl named Lyla! She's lovely and sleeps a lot. Double the awesome news is that my brother's girlfriend also gave birth to a little baby girl! She's called Leah and sleeps even more than Lyla, but they're both lovely, healthy little babies. So i'm totally a big fat uncle right now, it's amazing.

In other Mac OS X related news, i've recently decided to go "zomg themez!!!" crazy and try to get a load of stuff to make Leopard all cool looking...only, the only thing that seems would be able to do this for me "ShapeShifter" isn't currently available for Leopard, only Tiger. What the fuck? Why the hell not?! And why isn't it easy to make a version that's available on Leopard RIGHT NOW? I want my themez and shiznit(i don't actually talk like this) damnit!