Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Belgian Tuesdays.

Whilst i was working in Altrincham i became a full on alcoholic...full on. (Not entirely, but i did drink quite a bit) during this time i was introduced to the lovely and exciting world of Belgian Beer thanks to the two pubs near the towns old market. More recently, i decided to show my friend Chris what he's missing out on by finding any pub that happens to sell Belgian beer here in Manchester, although there's not as wide as a selection as the specifically Belgian pubs in Altrincham, there are still a few places where you can get a good beer.

One of my favourite Belgian beers of all time is the St.Feuillien Triple. Although it's moderately low in alcohol percentage considering other Belgian beers at 8.5% it's still far higher than any pansy drink you can find on tap in your local pub...Carling, what the fuck is wrong with you? And why the hell do people think they need to drink that crap? I know you all hate it. Get some nice tasting beer down ya, lad!

Another beer which seems to be quite easy to find in most places here in Manchester is Leffe Blonde, and sometimes it's counterpart Leffe Brun(slightly higher at 9%) the blonde actually in my opinion has a slightly more metallic taste than the Brun (i know that sounds silly and everyone disagree.) Straight away with the Brun, though, you can taste the power!

Also quite abundant in many pubbes is Chimay, coming in 3 lovely flavours. White, Red and Blue. Blue being the strongest at 9% Lovely refreshing tasting beer, but if you've had a few Belgian beers already in the night, the Blue can lay a bit heavy on your stomach. So i'd reccomend the White or Red at that point.

So go out there, find a pub that sells Belgian beer (or find some in your local supermarket) and get boozing! You'll enjoy it, trust me.


Blogger Rimfrost said...

You beerhoe you :0

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Blogger Kilgannon said...

You know it, babe :O

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