Saturday, February 21, 2009

Future Lee

So a long time ago...literally, i think at least 3 years ago, i was going to post about TV shows and Movies featuring the element of time travel. I never got round to it, probably because back then my pc was a piece of crap and kept crashing before i could post and i know i should've saved it as a draft but i was using a program called Performancing. That program is now called Scribefire, doesn't work nearly as nicely.

Anywho, i'd like to extend my interest to BOOKS also. Because a few months ago i read Night Watch by Terry Pratchett and it's by far my favourite in the watch series. I'm on for Thud! at the moment, but i'm taking it a little slow, ridiculous and utterly sacraligous is the fact that...i wish i was carrying on with Harry Potter right now. I know, i know, i ADORE Pratchett even more so than J.K. But because i've recently read The Chamber Of Secrets i just want to carry on.

So, without further trepidation i give to you...Opium. (Haha not really. Obscure Matt Berry reference there for anyone who knows.) I think i'm going to have to write this in parts, so check back soon for part 1! Think of this as a teaser, not that any of you are reading this anyway but wahey!

Also, speaking of Matt Berry...when is he going to release his third album titled "Witch Hazel" ? I've been listening to Opium like a madman, which you should also be doing. Right now.


Blogger Murder Bella said...

Now I know what you meant with that "I'm listening to Matt Berry like a madman" hehehe.... He's awesome, I've become a fan myself as you may have noticed :) heheh Saludos!! :)

5:04 am  

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