Monday, February 09, 2009

Holy Shitfuck Batman!

Oh man oh man oh man,

What the hell am i doing here you may ask? If anyone i once knew even knows i'm here or was once here or what the frak ever (we've been through this before and again, Katy, if you're watching...i think maybe it's been 45 years this time.)

SO yeah, lots of shiznit has happened since my last post, the most prominent thing was that i was made redundant, much like almost everybody else ever in this country. And it's proving to be a real struggle getting back into work, but i'm not giving up hope.

Also i've been drawing a lot more and i'm improving to a point where i'm finally feeling comfortable with my drawings, everything else before this point is all shoddy and crapalicious. It's how it usually goes, though, when i FINALLY get to my ultimate super drawing form (rawwr!) then everything before that will also be crappy. But ooooo, i got some new awesome pens and stuff for quick sketching and i bought a couple of Moleskine's which aren't completely neccessary, they just look pretty. And putty rubbers(quiet, America.) are the gods gift to any wannabe artist, buy some NAO! By the way, speaking of drawing and stuffs you should all visit's forums and look at the sketchbook section, it's really giving me a big boost in getting my arse moving to improve. Someday i will post my sketchbook on that forum...and it will be glorious.

In other news....DOCTOR MADUCKIN' WHO, Y'AAL! Controversial as this may sound, i actually like the look of the new Doc', i think he'll fit it quite nicely...however, i'm gonna miss Tennant like a sonofabitch. i heart that man...i heart that man so hard *sobs*. I was thinking also for the NEXT Doctor (yes i'm already thinking way ahead more than the rest of the country) we should have Derren Brown. C'mon you know that's the most awesomest idea eva.

Peace out yo.


Blogger katy said...

i couldn't read all of this post. because i saw the alert words "doctor who".

i know about mr smith (as in matt), but beyond that, i haven't a clue as to what's up. david, specials. 2010 with the man steven m.

am going spoiler free though.


3:04 pm  
Blogger Kilgannon said...

Haha basically i'm just saying he looks like a good Doctor, but how good would it be if they got Derren Brown next? Think about it! THINK ABOUT IT!

3:07 pm  

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