Sunday, February 22, 2009

Part 1: Quantum Leap

When i was a kid, me and my sister used to watch a little show called Quantum Leap, you may have heard of it, cos' it's probably one of the most awesomest shows ever. I think this show and Back To The Future (coming in Part 2) is what sparked my interest in time travel. I think everyone naturally has a fascination with time travel to some degree.

Anwyho, Quantum Leap(1989-1993) follows scientist, Dr.Samuel Beckett (not to be mistaken for the writer and poet of the same name, but man that'd be cool) as he conducts an experiment that goes..."a little caca". Now our dear Doctor Beckett discovered the ability to time travel over at Quantum Leap headquarters, which was being funded by the government, but with no real proof or tests the government drop out of the funding leaving Sam to decide to take matters into his own hands and jump into the quantum accelerator. He awakes in the past, not knowing who or where he is, having amnesia from the travel. Now this is pretty daunting in itself, but then Sam realises that the face he sees in the mirror isn't his own and he starts seeing a strange man that nobody else seems to notice. This man turns out to be Al, a colleague on project Quantum Leap observing Sam from the headquarters in the future to help give him advice, he tells Sam that something went wrong and they can't bring Sam back to the future. Of course Sam doesn't believe any of this and thinks he's just going crazy.

Throughout the series we go on a journey with Sam as he begins to rebuild his memories of who he is, but also we go on a more deep journey with Sam as he tries to help people and change their lives for the better. Every time Sam "leaps" he becomes a person who had some wrongdoing happen to them in the past, so with the help of Al and everyone back in the future, he tries to correct it, ultimately so he can try get back home. Now Sam can't leap beyond his timeline, from the time he was born to the time he leaped in the future but there was one rare incident where he leaped into his own grandfather. Because it was so far in the past, Al had trouble finding him to observe his progress. It's little things like that which really fascinate me about this show. There has also been a rival project set up in the future which has "evil leapers" which is just damn cool, especially because Sam seems to be able to see them "leap" which in itself is one of the best special effects ever.

If you've never seen an episode of Quantum Leap i think you should at least once in your lifetime, as a kid i used to play with calculators and pretend they were Ziggy, that's how into it i was. That's also how big of a nerd i am. But really, the show's been released on DVD the past couple of years and i highly reccomend you buy it, the time travel element is almost secondary to the personal journey Sam goes on, you get very attached to Sam and you can't but hope that every leap Sam will be home.


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