Thursday, February 19, 2009


So being a complete nerd i'm into anything techy and gadgety and anything to do with games and stuff, too. For a while now i've been watching a few internet tv show's over at Revision3's channel on youtube. My two favourite's being Diggnation and the Totally Rad Show.

Now Diggnation is basically two guys sitting on a couch, Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose discussing the news on social site Any new item that gets quite a considerable amount of "diggs" or is just generally cool get's featured on the show. But the thing is the news is secondary to these two guys just chatting and generally having a great chemistry, occasionally they'll drink a beer and i found myself over Christmas watching them with a beer in my hand and feeling like these guys would probably great to hang out at a bar with. I could probably teach them a few things about a good beer, too. I recommend you go check it out.

OK, so the Totally Rad Show is another show that stars Alex Albrecht, along with Jeff Cannata and Dan Trachtenberg (i'm not even looking these guys names up, by the way, i've watched their shows so much i'm almost 100% sure this the correct spelling. I'm testing myself, almost.) The content of TRS consists of game reviews, movie reviews, now and again comic book reviews and again general banter between the three guys, who again have great chemistry. I think Dan is the youngest and sometimes i don't think Alex and Jeff give him enough time to talk, i find myself thinking "aww, Dan...they just shot you the hell down, man." Sometimes he can go off on a tangent and the other two guys laugh at him but i'm thinking, you know, Dan's alright. I hope it doesn't upset him much, he seems like he's having fun anyway. But the the thing that really interests me about this show is the entirely unbiased opinions, being three guys reviewing certain things, be it games or movies they all have their own thoughts on things and that's what you want to see. In fact they reviewed Taken a few weeks back and that totally made me want to watch the film from their three different angles.

There are other things on the Revision3 channel that may be worth your time to have a looksie at. Revision3 also have a website here so you can see what other stuff they're upto. Other shows of note are, Scam School and Tekkzilla.

Adios, amigos!


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