Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So last night i watched Scanners, because i haven't for a few years and i recently saw Total Recall again on TV. The connection there is Michael Ironside who plays Richter in Total Recall. In this film he plays a "scanner" called Darryl Revok, now Revok's pretty evil. I think Michael Ironside is best suited for dark, sinister characters, in Total Recall as Richter it was more a parody of an evil henchman but in this, he's the head honcho. He shines a bit more.

Scanners is a David Cronenberg sci-fi classic from 1981. The premise of the story is that there's a number of people in the American population that have the ability of telekinesis and telepathy, only on a much huger scale when they focus their energy. For instance if they focus their energy on a particular body part they can make it explode into a big bulbous puss, or stop a heart beating...which i could've said first, but it's far less interesting to say. The film starts with our hero Cameron Vale(played by Stephen Lack) walking around a shoppin centre picking up food that's bean left on trays, looking dishevlled and being a total bum. A few ladies across the table from him whisper how tragic it is and he finds himself inadvertently scanning one of the ladies. The lady falls to the floor having what looked like a vicious seizure, Cameron is spotted by two goons who tranqualize him and chase him down. Where he's taken to Doctor Ruth (the late Patrick McGoohan) who tells Cameron that he is a scanner and he wants him to help him stop another scanner called Darryl Revok(Ironside)who is finding scanners to form an army against people without the ability. Anybody who refuses, Revok is killing.

This is a pretty cool film, Ironside totally makes it for me, though, he's brilliant and the scene where he gets asked out of an audience at a scanner demonstration event and literally blows up the head of the other guy is brilliant. The way he says "i didn't do anything" is just so nonchalant, like if he was just an ordinary guy he wouldn't care too much that this dude's head blew up.

Go watch!


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