Saturday, February 14, 2009

A tidy desk makes all the difference.

So yesterday i cleaned my desk, it'd accumulated quite a bit of crap over the previous year, not that i hadn't cleaned it before yesterday but not really as extensively. There'd always be something in the way of my mouse to the point where i'd get so frustrated with the constant whacking into things that i'd just go and read a book instead.

Here's a picture of my desk. As you can see it's pretty small, PC tower on the left, my Mac monitor, sub woofer, then PC monitor on the right with Mac and External Hard Drive behind it, also Mac keyboard and mouse on the left. Now that's not a lot of stuff, but trust me, it is for this desk. Now here's all the stuff that was on my desk previous to that picture. Now fuck, come on, how the hell was i even browsing the internet with that shit? Let alone sketching aswell, man. Turns out my hands need to be amputated...nah, i'm just kiddin'. But seriously, i need to organise my shit a bit more.


Blogger katy said...

lol, did you just move all the stuff from your desk, onto your bed?

9:37 pm  
Blogger Kilgannon said...

shhh, don't tell anyone :$

9:47 pm  

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