Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines woe from a single boy.

I don't think i'm the only single guy that gets a little..."oh boo hoo :(" on Valentines. I'm not really too keen on things being shoved in my face that shows me how many people are with somebody, especially today. But the thing is even if i was with somebody, i don't see why i wouldn't be able to be romantic whenever the fuck i wanted. Why do i have to be told to be so on a specific day? As if i hadn't been this whole time?

Today was fun, i got to go see the Leonardo drawings at the gallery with my friend Kerry, i also had to buy some bananas and plums while i was out and only realised as i was going home how suggestive that must've looked. Me just walking around with bananas and plums. On Valentines day. Fuck.
But WOAH Leo's drawings were epic, as i expected them to be, but my god...up close, i'd never seen anything by Leonardo Da Vinci up close before and i think i knew this would probably be only one of the few chances i'd be able to get to. I looked at those drawings in, mostly, a very mechanical sense. I wanted to see his technique, i wanted to see every little line that he did to create a drawing, even if they were only his sketchbook drawings and not full on paintings, i wanted to see the brilliance. And the brilliance was there. I felt that if i somehow looked at those drawings up close, then i'd know exactly where to proceed on my line of sketching. Of course nothing ever works out just like that, does it? The only way i'm going to be happy is with endless bloody dull practice.

Getting back onto the fact i'm single, if you're pretty and you're handing out flyers i'm going to grab them. If i then realise the flyer is links to scientology websites, then i'm going to erase you from my memory. Sorry darlin'.



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